Welcome to Upainted

Hi I'm Jennifer, the owner and furniture artist behind Upainted.

I've messed around with paint all my life. My first up-cycle was a hat stand and a can of yellow paint when I was 15 years old. I still have that hat stand several colour changes later. That's the joy of painting furniture if you're bored with the colour paint over it.

Even while I worked as staff nurse I painted and up-cycled my own furniture as a hobby. It helped me switch off from a stressful job, save money and get bespoke furniture for a fraction of the high street price.

When I left nursing after an episode of depression up-cycling became a form of therapy for me. I ended up creating custom furniture for our new home, then painting for friends and family before finally creating Upainted.

Some of my past work

Pre-loved shouldn't mean un-loved

Vintage furniture was built to last with timeless design, quality materials and an attention to detail not found in high street furniture today. 

Second hand stores and charity shops are full of it. Maybe a little bashed and worn but with imagination and tlc they can be transformed into statement pieces unique to you.

As well as creating one-off pieces for sale, I work with clients on a commission basis, transforming sentimental pieces that have been hidden away or sourcing on trend mid century styles for their home.

Second-hand doesn’t have to mean dull and boring. Get in touch and we can work together to create something you will treasure.

 Jennifer  x